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It's a question we get asked often.

A partnership between father and daughter almost since the beginning, it's no surprise that this story starts with Colleen's birthday. While Mrs. Koestner was giving birth, Kyle's attention wandered from Lamaze coaching to the birthing room television, where Errol Flynn was swashbuckling as Robin Hood. To him, the romantic heroics of Robin Hood were eclipsed by Friar Tuck's lust for life.

Friar Tuck always ate a little too much, drank a little too much, talked, cursed, and fought a little too much. Kyle liked that contrast. Tuck was a man of the cloth; he was always trying to be good. He was just a little too rusty at it. Of course, here at The Rusty Monk we celebrate the monks who brew stellar Belgian beers across the seas, as well as local beers and hearty food. Perhaps you, too, can eat a little too much, drink a little too much, and slow down to enjoy the dazzling company of your fine friends.

And now to the meat of the matter…

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